I am very passionate about teaching. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than working with students and inspiring them to be as excited about a topic as I am. My philosophy as a tutor is to help students come to understand concepts on their own rather than just giving away the answer. My 10+ years of experience working with 50+ students have equipped me with the skills to ask probing/leading questions to test the limits of a student’s knowledge to enhance his/her understanding of the material. I have seen it all — I know the common pitfalls/misunderstandings and have a proven ability of being able to aid students in understanding difficult topics.

I tutor biology, chemistry, physics, and math (including single-variable calculus) and prepare students for standardized tests, including the SAT, the ACT, and the MCAT. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule tutoring for yourself or for your child. I teach students both locally and online via Skype.

Additional references and details are available upon request.

Lindsay Bush, parent of two MICDS alumni: “Jonathan is an absolutely outstanding tutor! He worked with both of my children, who lean toward the creative end of the spectrum, so for these two, math and science did not hold the same appeal. However, after working with Jonathan for just a few sessions, my kids emphatically relayed that he is “the best tutor because he explains it in a way that now all makes sense.” A few months after Jonathan began working with our son, his calculus teacher commented that my son’s natural ability in math would help him succeed in calculus and future courses —wait? my son? This kid had struggled with math his entire life! Fast forward, to junior and senior year of high school and both kids rocked their math and science classes. Which had an overflow effect, improving their academic self-esteem in all of their classes. Jonathan can break down complicated concepts into digestible components in a very calm and encouraging manner. I recommend him wholeheartedly! We are grateful for his help setting our children up for success!”

CM, parent of Parkway Central High School alumnus: “Jonathan worked with my daughter for three years, tutoring her in math (geometry, algebra II, pre-calculus) and science (chemistry). He was unfailingly helpful, and our daughter felt very comfortable with him. Jonathan maintains the utmost professionalism and integrity. His background knowledge is tremendous, and he made sure my daughter understood every problem before moving on to the next. It would have been a very rough three years without his assistance. I recommend him unconditionally, with great respect and appreciation.”

ML, parent of Nerinx Hall High School student: “Jonathan played an integral role in my daughter’s successful ACT preparation. He created a comprehensive yet flexible schedule that gave her plenty of time to prepare for the exam. We communicated regularly through email and text, and goals and objectives were clearly stated. He was friendly and knowledgeable about each section and was particularly helpful in guiding her through her weaker subjects. […] She felt well prepared, and he gave her the confidence to tackle the exam, and she reached her goal on the first try!”